A Crypto Escrow & Marketplace

Buy Domains & Digital Products Using Cryptocurrencies

We, at Coinrem, are Building The Most Trusted Crypto Escrow Services and Marketplace for Domains and Digital Products.

Start Your Crypto Escrow Transaction

Transparent Service Fee: Flat 1% Fee

Selected Value: 4

Step 1: Start New Transaction on

Step 2: Agreement Sending to Buyer & Seller.

Step 3: Buyer & Seller Agrees to the Terms & Conditions of the Agreement.

Step 4: Buyer Makes the Payment to Using Cryptocurrency.

Step 5: Seller Transfers the Domain/ Product to the Buyer.

Step 6: Buyer inspects the Domain/ Product and verify the ownership of the Domain/ Product.

Step 7: Buyer approves the transfer completion

Step 8: transfers the Cryptocurrency to the Seller.

Step 9: Transactions Completed

Our Services


Escrow services on Cryptocurriencies such as Stable coins (Ex: BUSD - Binance USD) for Domains, Digital Products and more.


Coinrem will act as a marketplace for Domain listings, Digital Products, Websites, Apps, NFTs and more.

Metaverse (VR,AR,XR)

Metaverse platform like VR, AR, MR are being developed and will be available to the public in the coming months.

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